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Company Profile
Business Type Manufacturer , Exporter
Year of Establishment 1997
Product Range
  • Lubricants, Anti-Static, Anti-Scuffing and Anti-Seize Spray: KF-Molysol, Dry Moly Spray, Copper Anti-Seize, Dry Film PTFE Spray, Adhesive Chain Lubricant, Anti-Static Cleaner with Anti-Wear Properties
  • Insulating and Protective Coating for Electrical Applications: PU Coat, Epoxy Coat, Peel of Spray, Conformal Coating, Silicone Conformal Coating, Battery Terminal Coating, Fast Drying, Conductive Graphite Coating
  • Anti-corrosion Solution: Multifunctional Spray, Cold Galvanizing Spray, Anti-Corrosion Wax Coating, Heavy Duty Corrosion Inhibitor
  • Release Agents: Anti-Spatter Gel, Anti-Spatter Spray, Mould Release Silicone Free
  • De-Greasers and Cleaners: Air Duster, Eco-Friendly Degrease and Cleaner, Electric Contact Cleaner (used on live circuits), etc.
  • Synthetic Lubricating Oil
  • Spin Series Synthetic Spindle Oil
  • Adhesive Chain Lubricant
  • Synthetic Lubricant for Gear and Bearings
  • High Temperature Chain Oil
  • Traction Lubricants
  • Vac 6 Vacuum Pump Oil
  • Rust Preventive Oil
  • Auto Care Products: Carburettor Cleaner, Belt Dresser, Window Dresser, Galvanizing Spray, Brake Cleaner, Liquid Wrench, Glaze Guard.
  • Website