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World class, cost effective, and user friendly synthetic lubricants, greases, industrial aerosols, specialty coatings, and auto care products, all at Kaiser Fluids...

About Us

High precision and uninterrupted performance of modern advanced machinery demands their maintenance and servicing. Whether it is the electrical, electronic, mechanical or chemical industry, the use of lubricants and specialty products extends the life of the machinery and smoothens their functioning. Kaiser Fluids Inc. is a reputed and leading manufacturer and exporter of Synthetic Lubricants, Industrial Aerosols, Anti-Static, Anti-Scuffing & Anti-Seize Spray, Insulating & Protective Coating for Electrical Applications, Anti-corrosion Solution, Release Agents, De-greasers & Cleaners, Electric Contact Cleaner (non conductive), and Automotive Applications.

Established in 1997 by a group of experts trained in U.S.A. in the field of lubricants and aerosols, our company is an ISO 9001:2000 certified by M/S AQSR India Private Limited. Qualified and experienced professionals, excelling in our department, are the precious resources of our organization, who help us produce unparalleled hi-tech synthetic, semi-synthetic lubricants and specialty products.

Product Gallery

Our products, used in diversified industries, are designed under favorable conditions to yield maximum results. The massive range of our products are enumerated below:

  • Lubricants, Anti-Static, Anti-Scuffing and Anti-Seize Spray: KF-Molysol, Dry Moly Spray, Copper Anti-Seize, Dry Film PTFE Spray, Adhesive Chain Lubricant, Anti-Static Cleaner with Anti-Wear Properties
  • Insulating and Protective Coating for Electrical Applications: PU Coat, Epoxy Coat, Peel of Spray, Conformal Coating, Silicone Conformal Coating, Battery Terminal Coating, Fast Drying, Conductive Graphite Coating
  • Anti-corrosion Solution: Multifunctional Spray, Cold Galvanizing Spray, Anti-Corrosion Wax Coating, Heavy Duty Corrosion Inhibitor
  • Release Agents: Anti-Spatter Gel, Anti-Spatter Spray, Mould Release Silicone Free
  • De-Greasers and Cleaners: Air Duster, Eco-Friendly Degrease and Cleaner, Electric Contact Cleaner (used on live circuits), etc.
  • Synthetic Lubricating Oil
  • Spin Series Synthetic Spindle Oil
  • Adhesive Chain Lubricant
  • Synthetic Lubricant for Gear and Bearings
  • High Temperature Chain Oil
  • Traction Lubricants
  • Vac 6 Vacuum Pump Oil
  • Rust Preventive Oil
  • Auto Care Products: Carburettor Cleaner, Belt Dresser, Window Dresser, Galvanizing Spray, Brake Cleaner, Liquid Wrench, Glaze Guard.

Application of Our Products

The manufacturing of sophisticated products like lubricants, anti-corrosion solution, release agents, de-greasers and cleaners, etc. gives us a high sense of responsibility due to their wide usage. Our de-greasers and cleaners cleans as well as greases oil, wax coating and carbon dust, used during maintenance and repairs, cleaning of metals prior to surface treatment, cleaning moulds, etc. The electric contact cleaner supplied by us is used for cleaning switched off electrical equipment such as motors, switches, plugs and jacks, precision electronic and optical equipment. Our eco-friendly de-grease and cleaner safely removes grease and grime of machinery, equipment, trucks, road vehicles, and all types of maintenance applications. The air duster manufactured by us is ideal for removing particulates from inaccessible areas of gadgets like computers, magnetic tape head, electronic equipment optical cleaning, photographic and data processing equipment.

Our dry moly spray reduces friction and wear, guards against seizure and is used in sliding mechanisms including  plain bearings, gears, cams and valves operating up to 450 degree Celsius. The KF-Molysol manufactured by us is used for spraying purposes on gear racks, nuts/bolts, knotter/splicer operating mechanism of autoconer traverse box, etc. Our sophisticated adhesive chain lubricant is extremely effective in chains exposed to moisture and operating under dusty and dirty conditions. Anti-static cleaner prevents accumulation of fluff on knitting and sewing machine including other precision instruments. Our copper anti-seize provides anti-corrosion protection of threaded components like heat exchangers, steam joints and jackets, boiler mounting, engine cylinder head bolts, etc. Dry film PTFE spray is used as a release agent in food, chemical, print industries.

PU coat is a polyurethane resin based coating used in motors, wood, toys, transformers, etc. Our epoxy coat providing good surface finish coat is used in repair of damaged clamps, plates and poles, bus bars, etc. Peel of spray is used for temporary protection of copper, gold contact points during shipping and can be applied on watches, weighing machines, stainless steel wash basin, etc., but cannot be used on plastics. Our conformal coating is designed to protect PCBs and related equipments. Silicone conformal coating protects printed circuit boards against static discharge, moisture, humidity, corrosion and thermal shock. Conductive graphite coating provides conductive coating for plastic substrates, EMI shielding, protects Bi-metallic.

Heavy duty corrosion inhibitor is used for protection of machines, tools, and spares during storage and transport. Our anti-corrosion wax coating prevents rusting of tools, dies, gauges, moulds and battery terminals. Cold galvanizing spray prevents and retards rusting of welded joints, fencing, pipe lines, metal buildings, etc. Multi functional spray prevents friction noise and lubricates mechanical parts.

Our anti-spatter welding gel lubricates nozzles and tips, and our mould release silicone spray is suitable for use in plastic and rubber mould tools. Anti-spatter spray is used in CO2 welding, TIG welding, and parting agent for welding tools.

Anti Spatter Spray
Anti Spatter Spray is formulated with high temperature synthetic release agents, reducing clean up time to a fraction. Anti-spatter imparts a heavy film of high temperature resistant release agent. Spatter is easily removed on treated areas. It does not  contain any silicones and will not interfere with paint. This product does not contain any chlorinated solvents.


We are equipped with experienced and qualified set of experts and world class machinery, which serve as a strong infrastructure for our company. Their contribution in our firm has opened up new avenues for us, paving our way for rapid rise in this competitive domain.

Quality Assurance

Thorough quality checks right from the initial stage of manufacturing ensure flawless products for the benefit of our deserving customers. Our anti-spatter spray and paste used for welding applications have been tested at Toyota Kirloskar Motors, Bidaddi, Applicomp India Ltd., Hyva India Pvt. Ltd., Kailash Autobuilders, Fiem Auto Ltd., Hosur, S.M. Kanappa Automobiles Pvt. Ltd. in Bangalore, Delphi Automotive Systems Pvt. Ltd., Noida, Honda Siel, Greater Noida. Our anti-spatter spray, when tested at Honda Siel reflected that the frequency of cleaning the nozzle is reduced by half.


Some of our major clients include:

  • Delphi Automotive Systems Pvt. Ltd.
  • Toyota
  • Kirloskar Motors
  • MICO
  • ABB
  • BHEL
  • BEML
  • Ford
  • Guindy Machine Tools.

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